As we talked about the robbery that occurred over the weekend at a local food bank, I was shaking physically I was so upset.

I have been the dad standing in a line of 40 or more people desperate just to have enough food to make it through the week. Cereal. Rice. Canned beans. The essentials.

This past weekend more than 1400 pounds were stolen from the mouths of the most vulnerable people just trying to get by here in Yakima. Sunrise Outreach Food Bank in Vinyard Church was robbed.

There is nothing that excuses such a offense. It not only makes me angry, but disappointed. Disappointed that I can't do more.

As a radio station, we can because of you. As a station, we can ask you to step up and help those folks in our community that are just wanting some food for the table.

And step up our KATS listeners have. We asked you for donations this morning and you showed up within minutes!

Cash and food and prayers began pouring in and we will continue to take them until the end of business and deliver them personally to the food bank ourselves.

Let's be better than the worst of us. Let's be better than we were last year as a community. For those of you that donated what you could, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thank you for those kids this food and love will benefit. I thank you on behalf of my own five children that have eaten only because of the love and generosity of people like you. Like I said, I have had to go to the food bank. It is not something I share with you lightly, that is a very humbling experience to say the least.

But without folks like you, those food banks don't have anything to give. So again, thank you.

Joe Bates donates $20 to help feed Yakima!
Joe Bates donates $20 to help feed Yakima!


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