Like you, I am missing live music. There's nothing better than the concert experience. Whether it is in a stadium with 50,000 people, and arena with 10,000 or a theater or club with just a couple hundred fans, it simply can't be beat.

Chinook Fest and the Black Crowes reunion tour sting me the most as they were both cancelled this year. But enough of my bellyaching. The venue owners and operators, especially the smaller clubs and halls, are suffering tremendously. Some are on the verge of closing for good thanks to you-know-what.

There could be some grassroots relief on the way but you need to help chip in if live music is something important to you.

A group called Keep Music Live Washington, headed by Seattle native Sir Mix-A-Lot, is trying to build a fund to help these folks out during this bizarro world time.

In a press release issued today (Oct. 13), the organization described their mission:
"Music lovers across the state have come together to establish Keep Music Live, a COVID-19 relief fund for small, independently-owned venues across Washington State. Keep Music Live is a fundraising campaign to save hometown, community-based music venues, with the capacity of less than 1,000 guests. Together, Keep Music Live aspires to raise more than $10 million to provide venues with critical financial support they need to survive while closed through the pandemic. Washington State’s beloved music venues were the first businesses to close due to COVID-19 and will be among the last businesses to re-open. Keep Music Live aspires to provide grants to venues before the end of 2020. Making the urgency of fundraising through this effort paramount."

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