Rock and metal has had plenty of crossover into the video game world through the years. Bands have had their music featured in various games, have been name-checked, cast as characters and some members have lent their voice to narration, overdubs and soundtracks. Count Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach among the chosen rockers as he can be heard in the new game For Honor!

The singer shared the news on his Instagram page (post below with audio sample), excited over the opportunity to leave his mark on the hack and slash-styled medieval fantasy game. Leach commented on his role exclaiming, "Gamer friends! I'm 'honored' to have worked on the soundtrack to the game For Honor! My friends Saunder Jurriaans and Dani Bensi (two incredible musicians) hired me to make grunting, yelling and chanting noises for the Vikings! You can also buy the soundtrack! I'm on the tracks: 'Unleash the Drakar,' 'Ragnar's Ride' and the one scoring this video 'The Great Raid Begins.'"

Noting a bit of a personal touch to his inclusion, Leach added, "So stoked to have been able to do this and would love to do more of this stuff! Not only do I play games, but I also have Viking heritage so this project was perfect for me! So while you're playing the game you'll hear me adding to the ambience of the game play!"

With Incarnate released last year, Killswitch Engage have been on the road around the world in support and have another North American trek lined up with co-headliners Anthrax and support from The Devil Wears Prada on all dates and Jasta and Code Orange providing additional support on select nights. Check our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours for a list of all the stops.

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