Gene Simmons has so much money that getting more has become like an Olympic sport for the KISS bassist and co-vocalist — that's how he recently illustrated it.

The notion might not surprise KISS fans familiar with the musician's previous pushback against modesty about his wealth. But with the rock icon now making upwards of $245,000 for one of his original paintings, some may be wondering if he really needs more.

"No, I have money," Simmons responded when People asked if he got into painting for the money.

The KISS rocker continued, "It is interesting. Money, for me, has become what champions in the Olympics do. They want to keep improving because they want the judges to hold up a higher number. That's what it becomes when you don't have enough food in your belly. You don't think of it that way, because you just want to feed yourself. It's a different thing. Once you have enough, a roof over your head and food in your belly and stuff, it's how much better can I do this? How much more can I do this? More like a contest. It's different."

In Las Vegas last week (Oct. 21), Simmons exhibited around 50 of his paintings at the Gene Simmons ArtWorks showing at the Venetian's Animazing Gallery. The musician picked up the craft during the downtime that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simmons has undoubtedly been making money moves as of late, especially in real estate. A few days ago, the rocker known in KISS lore as "The Demon" listed a $14.95 million house near Las Vegas after selling a $16 million California home the previous month.

KISS recently finished the 2021 U.S. leg of their ongoing End of the Road World Tour, but concerts were affected when Simmons tested positive for COVID-19 in August. Bandmate Paul Stanley also tested positive. The band will mount a Las Vegas residency later this year.

See more photos of Simmons with his paintings below.

Gene Simmons Artwork Exhibit - Oct. 21, 2021

KISS singer-bassist Gene Simmons poses in front of some of his works at the debut of Gene Simmons ArtWorks at the Venetian's Animazing Gallery.

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