Most iconic metal albums will have one or two lukewarm cuts hidden away on Side B. Even LPs as legendary as Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind or Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance will have a “Quest for Fire” or “Fever” somewhere, halting the record from being labeled 100 percent perfect.

To create a metal album with no weak tracks is a monumental and very rare task, but it’s happened in every decade of metal’s storied history. Whether from metal’s early years or the most extreme branches of the genre’s family tree, we rounded up 25 undisputedly consistent albums from Black Sabbath to Behemoth.

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Do you skip any tracks on Megadeth's Rust in Peace? How about Metallica's ...And Justice for All or System of a Down's breakthrough Toxicity? If your answer is anything other than "Of course not! Are you insane?" then we suggest you reevaluate your ear holes.

Check out these 25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs in the gallery below.

25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs

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