Red Lobster's got a new dish called Lobster and Waffles, and it's supposed to be out of this world! Have you heard about this? The new "Lobster Fest" menu item is a piece of fried lobster served over a bed of Red Lobster's trademarked Cheddar Bay biscuits waffles. I need to know how much this thing is before I head down there!

*snoops the interwebs*

According to, the new meal is $25.99 (plus tip & tax, yo). That's hella steep for my meager budget! Guess if I want to eat the Lobster & Waffles dish, I'm going to have to find me a sugar daddy to treat me! Of course, I could dine alone and pay for it myself, but why would I want to pay for it when somebody else can? Okayy! Besides, it's nice to be treated every [day] and then.

Of course, Red Lobster didn't create this culinary delight all by themselves. Chefs and cooks have been whipping up this dish all over the place, trying to keep up with the all-star Chicken & Waffles. Food & Wine magazine even dedicated a recent article highlighting Lobster & Waffles as a "hangover cure-all". Say what, now?

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