Yesterday Tommy Lee revealed that the long-awaited Motley Crue biopic The Dirt has started pre-production and would begin shooting in February. Now we have an interesting bit of casting news as Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker) has been cast as Tommy Lee for the movie.

Kelly appears to be a pretty solid fit for the role as the lanky rapper not only has roots in music but has started amassing acting credits in recent years. Under his given name Colson Baker, he received praise for his series regular role as Wes, a roadie-turned-problem-child-whisperer on Showtime's Roadies. 2016 was a big year for Machine Gun Kelly as not only did he star in the Showtime series, but he also made acting appearances in the Dave Franco-Emma Roberts film Nerve, as well as the lesser known films Viral, The Land and Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2.

"And it’s finally announced. 😬🎬 excuse me for being crass but....HOLY FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!," tweeted Kelly linking to the Variety article announcing his casting. But while he is a musician, Kelly revealed that his brother has been hired by the film as his drumming teacher, making sure that he can play drums and finish his new album before he starts filming.

Netflix is now backing the project, which will be directed by Jeff Tremaine. The band members are serving as co-producers on the film. The film is based off Motley Crue's The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band autobiographer, which detailed much of the band's days of excess during their heyday of the '80s. The group revealed plans to take their story to the big screen with Tremaine helming the effort as they started promotion for their final tour in 2015.

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