I've been a movie buff my whole life, nothing was more fun than escaping for a few hours in front of a screen while legendary stories unfolded before our very eyes.

Films like A Fist Full Of Dollars, Star Wars, Dune, the list truly goes on. One thing all those movies have in common is the dry desert surrounding them. So let's talk about why Yakima would be a perfect spot to film movies like those mentioned.

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The Yakima Valley is a fairly larger city, tho we don't have skyscrapers or amusement parks we're a big old city nonetheless. However, outside of Yakima into the wilderness, you find a lot of open land and areas.

When I first drove from Ellensburg to Yakima all my mind could think about was The Good The Bad and The Ugly. How all the scenery around me was like being in the actual movie itself.

That being said, I think Yakima has some amazing locations that could host the likes of any big Hollywood film or series. I say do a new line of western movies, you could shoot not only in Yakima but then build sets out in the open desert building the world around like the old days. Giving the authentic feeling of the real world.

You could even go as far as filming a show like The Mandolorian who spends a lot of his time on desert planets like Tattoine. Of course, all I ask for from this idea is maybe a small cameo role. I could be Baby Yodas Jedi Baby sitter.

All of that is beside the point, if local filmmakers are looking to make small-budget films again, Yakima is an amazing place to start.

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