The Marvel Comics app is about to Blip out of existence.

The company announced today that the app (which was operated by Comixology) will shut down on June 2. Users will no longer be able to purchase comics through the app starting on May 2. That’s just two weeks away.

In an email to customers, the company wrote “while we are disappointed fans will no longer be able to use the app starting in June, we know many readers have built up incredible digital libraries of Marvel comics on the app. To support our loyal fans, we will be making digital comics purchases made prior to May 2 on the Marvel Comics app (operated by Comixology) available and accessible on the Marvel Unlimited app.” The separate Marvel Unlimited app is a sort of Netflix-esque subscription service; for a flat monthly rate, Marvel Unlimited users can read tens of thousands of Marvel Comics dating back to the company’s earliest dates, and continuing through current issues released to comics shops three months ago. (So right now on Marvel Unlimited, the newest issues are from January of 2023.)

The company does say you will not need to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited to access your previously purchased Marvel Comics app comics via this other app.


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To ensure you can read your Marvel Comics app purchases via Marvel Unlimited after June, you will need to have a Marvel account and link it to your Marvel Comics app. If you’ve used these various apps before, odds are they are already connected — but if not, you can follow the instructions here to do so.

Marvel did not offer an explanation for this fairly significant change, but they did write that they are “working on more options for digital comics readers and more information will be available in the coming months.” In the meantime, fans can still purchase comics through Amazon. And of course, you can always visit your local comic book store, which would surely be very happy to see you (and get your business).

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