You can add Mastodon to the giant list of bands releasing new music in 2019. According to various members of the modern metal icons, this song will be one of the heaviest cuts Mastodon have released in a long time.

In a new interview with Kerrang!, Georgia’s finest described what fans can expect from their upcoming track. Guitarist Bill Kelliher calls it “a basher” and “brutal” while drummer Brann Dailor testifies it’s “as heavy as I’ve heard us in a while.” Guitarist Brent Hinds was a little more low-key, calling the fresh cut “a fun listen.”

Mastodon will continue their tradition of Neurosis’ Scott Kelly lending vocal parts, and the new song in question will feature that Kelly contribution.

The yet-untitled song is scheduled for a digital release ahead of Mastodon’s upcoming UK shows, so we’ll be jamming new music from the boys on or before Jan. 14.

We know, we know… we can’t wait a full week either. Just try not to gouge your eyes out in anticipation. Be patient and stay strong.

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