Metal music being blamed agian for brutal attack and murder. I feel like that every time an investigator blames metal music that all of them must have the same blood or something.  You know, like the Van Heilsings. What are they thinking, that everytime some one brutally murders there mom or dad or sister or grandparents then a Slipknot album or Ozzy album is found so METAL HAS TO BE BLAMED! So stupid. 17 year old Kyle Smith is being held after taking a machete to his grandparents in Midwest City, Oklahoma and then setting the house on fire to cover up cause of death. There has been 50 pieces of evidence found against the 17 year old and amognst these is a Slipknot album with a pentagram on it. Yup! There you go! Thats why he did it! Slipknot is to blame! Ridiculous!  More on the story at www

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