Mick Jagger honored the first anniversary of the passing of his longtime bandmate Charlie Watts with an emotional video. The video displays The Rolling Stones drummer over the years to the tune of "'Till the Next Goodbye" by The Rolling Stones as well as a voiceover by Jagger.

The video starts off with an image of a young Watts looking and smiling at the camera, then shows images of him at rehearsals and shows, on an airplane, as well as images with Jagger and with the rest of the band.

Jagger's voiceover (which begins at the 1:11 mark) says, "You know, I miss Charlie because you know he had a great sense of humor and we also were outside of the band, you know, we used to hang out quite a lot and have interesting times. We loved sports, we'd go to football, we'd go to cricket games, and we would have other interests apart from just the music. But you know, of course, I, you know, really miss Charlie so much."

The tribute video, which you can watch below, ends with an image of Jagger embracing Watts tightly as Watts smiles. The late drummer was with The Rolling Stones since 1963 and passed away a year ago in a hospital in London at the age of 80.

The Rolling Stones played their first show without him on Sept. 21 and Jagger said to the audience "it's a bit of a poignant night for us because it's our first tour in 59 years that we've done without our lovely Charlie Watts."

He dedicated the show to Watts by saying, "We all miss Charlie so much. We miss him as a band, we miss him as friends, on and off the stage. We've got so many memories of Charlie, and I'm sure some of you that have seen us before have got memories of Charlie as well. And I hope you will remember him like we do. So we'd like to dedicate this show to Charlie - let's have a drink to Charlie."

Watch Mick Jagger's Emotional Video Honoring the First Anniversary of Charlie Watts' Death

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