"My name is Inigo Montoyo. You killed my Father. Prepare to die!" - The Princess Bride

This famous line means so much to so many and honestly earlier this morning, it took on a WHOLE new layer for me and possibly anyone else who has lost a loved one. Maybe you know this already but if you don't, holy moly it's worth a read through.

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I came across the below TikTok video from Kathryn G who stated in the original video that she had recently lost her father to cancer and wanted to know if the rumor she had heard was true.

The Princess Bride

Kathryn mentioned that the film The Princess Bride was one of her Father's favorite movies, it has always been a favorite of hers as well. Inigo Montoyo's character was also her Father's favorite from the film.

The Rumor

So the rumor she had heard was that when the actor, Mandy Patinkin, playing Ignigo Montoyo, went to say that line he was actually thinking about his own Father, who had passed away. The line she is referring to is

"I want my father back, you son of a *****!"

Are You Ready for the Waterworks?

Not only is the rumor true but Mandy Patinkin, the actor, who was tagged multiple times in the original video dueted her video (spliced his reply to her question) and posted it on his page.

In the recording, Mandy confirms that yes, the rumor is true and goes even farther into the explanation.

Behind the Scenes

The moment Mandy read the script he knew exactly how he would channel the anger and sadness of the six-fingered man fight scene. Sadly his own father had passed from cancer and he knew in his heart.

"If I can get the six-fingered man and kill him, I am killing the cancer that took my Dad away and I'll get to see my Dad again."

He mentioned how during filming he would walk around the grounds of the castle speaking to his Father. He knew when it came time to fight, he was going to speak those emotions into the famous line, "I want my father back, you son of a *****!" In essence, bringing his own Dad back him back to life.

The Emotion of It All

After that scene, he went right back outside and spoke with his Father and told him, "I got him, Dad". He wanted Kathryn and anyone who has lost someone to know, you too can speak to your loved ones anytime to keep them close. He mentioned how he wanted to know Kathryn's Fathers name so he could add it to his nightly prayers and I just started sobbing. They were sobbing, she was sobbing and after you watch the below video, I bet you will be too!

Now, excuse me while I go watch The Princess Bride. Fun fact, I walked down the aisle to a guitar version of the score from The Princess Bride for my wedding. Nine years going strong as of yesterday!

The Princess Bride

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