Better break out a six pack of Duff and be prepared to use an onion ring for a marriage proposal, because this Russian model looks exactly like Marge Bouvier Simpson.

Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov's photography series 'The Art of Face' focuses on special effects make-up, and with some help from a hair stylist and a make-up artist, Khokhlov creepily recreated Homer's main squeeze in one of the most successful depictions of a 'Simpsons' character ever done without the use of a costume or body suit.

Kohklov created Marge's signature blue bouffant with chrysanthemums glued to a tall wire cage that sat on top of the model's head. The flowers were then spray-painted blue in order to recreate the thickness and trademark look of Marge's vertically laced locks.

Khokhlov said that because of 'The Simpsons'' popularity, pretty much everyone is familiar with Marge's face in some way, shape or form. Now those people will be seeing her in their nightmares too.

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