Well, I just got back from my second set of ukulele lessons from my dad. We briefly covered a few things we learned last week, which I quickly picked up again and learned a few new chords. The beautiful thing is now I have my own tenor ukulele so I can practice until my next lesson.

I remember when I took piano lessons in the 80s that they had these practice books from Hal Leonard. They still make these and have them available for ukulele at Ted Brown Music so I'll pick up one of these as well when I get the chance. Book are nice and you can always learn to play songs by watching YouTube videos, but there's nothing like having a teacher right next to you to give you insight on music theory along the way like where to place your thumb or ways of positioning your hand to make it more comfortable.

Here's a quick clip from my lesson this week. Struggling through a 4 chord song and then he tunes my ukulele. No wonder I was sucking so bad, it wasn't tuned all the way.