After much arm-twisting, I was asked to attend a press meeting at the fairgrounds to commemorate Fair Food Fest coming back to Yakima. Oh, if you insist.

This has become a great tradition for the Yakima Valley. Instead of having to wait all year for your funnel cake or elephant ear or other great 'fair food' items, they have an easy drive-thru option that takes you through the fairgrounds, stop off and grab whatever you want along the way.

New, this year, once you've gone through the drive-thru you can park your car, get out and have a picnic with your fair food as well so you're not stuck trying to eat an elephant ear in the car (trust me, I've tried, and it's not easy).

Take a look at the photos. All your favorites and maybe even a few new surprises.

Fair Food Fest takes place at the Yakima County Fairgrounds (enter on the 18th side, not Fair ave.)
June 10-13 and FREE to attend.

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