Sure we're no Hollywood writers, we don't even own a nice camera, but we're writers and ones that see so much potential in our home. We've seen movies like Sleepless in Seattle and Fifty Shades of Grey, but there's so much more to Washington that would blow people away.

So we wrote a list of movies that could be made about Washington, the people in it, the businesses that grew here and so much more. Let us know what you think, or tell us what movie you would make based on our home state.

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5.) Bigfoot Horror Film 

I know there have been hundreds of bigfoot movies, I know that they have comedies, suspenseful, and even dramatic movies about bigfoot, but there are so many stories documented in Washington state, why not do a real horror movie based in the Olympic forest chasing after bigfoot. Show the beauty and the terror of a true rainforest in Washington.

4.) The Birth of Amazon

Whether you love or hate Amazon it was started here in the pacific northwest. What was once a dream to deliver books and help spread knowledge for a cheaper price than what you could find in a book store evolved into a global company moving all kinds of goods from books to food, electronics, and clothes. A movie about the start of Amazon to what it is now would sell out theaters worldwide.

3.) Microsoft then and now

Microsoft was started in a garage by Bill Gates, nobody knew just how successful it would be and how many people it would reach around the world. Bill Gates changed the world either for the better or the worse, but a movie telling his full story could give a lot of people's perspective on one of the richest men in the world.

2.) Mel's Hole 

Mel's hole is an urban legend that became viral all the way back in the '70s when someone called a local Yakima radio station to discuss the mystery behind it. They claimed the hole had a dark eerie presence that seemed otherworldly, they claimed that someone had thrown their dead dog into the hole and saw it running around the next day. Whether you believe this urban legend or think it's a whole bunch of Bullshloney you can't deny it would make for one crazy rollercoaster of a movie.

1.) D.B. Cooper

There have been so many movies based around D.B Cooper, rarely any actually about the man himself, granted we don't know much about the true identity of Cooper. So why not make a fully fictional story based on the story itself, we have enough information to know what happened from the moment he took over the flight to the point he bailed from the plane. We could get an entire movie leading up to why he did what he did, and an inside look at what really happened.


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