With Alter Bridge doing so well and Myles Kennedy getting ready to release his first solo album, it appears that his continued work with Slash and his fellow Conspirators is the project that is on the back burner at this time. While speaking with Eddie Trunk (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), Kennedy shared some insight about where that project stands at the moment, given his involvement in two other projects and Slash's reunion with Guns N' Roses.

"[Slash and I] connect via text once in a while and just check in. But right now, for me, now that [Alter Bridge] is paring down, it's just full steam ahead with [my debut] solo record. And then the plan is to, in 2019, with [Alter Bridge] to get that rolling again," said Kennedy.

He continued, stating that there had been new music talked about with Slash, but "the Guns thing is doing so well, we'll just see how that plays out." Kennedy said that he and Slash and their fellow Conspirators had close to a half album's worth of material prepared toward the end of the band's "World on Fire" tour, but things halted when the Guns N' Roses opportunity came about.

"We had some stuff brewing," said the singer. "These are wonderful problems to have in terms of just being able to be a musician and have these various outlets to create. So we'll see how it all plays out."

When asked his thoughts on the Guns N' Roses reunion for Slash, he stated, "I think it's wonderful. I think it's been great for rock and roll in general. And I'm really happy for all those guys, 'cause it's been… What an epic adventure that's been."

Alter Bridge are in the process of wrapping their 2017 touring with dates left in Denver and Spokane this week. Meanwhile, Kennedy just released the video for the title track of his Year of the Tiger solo album. You can catch that clip here. Year of the Tiger will be released March 9 through Napalm Records.

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