Who WAS that masked axe-wielder?


Those who attended the Avenged Sevenfold concert in the Yakima SunDome on Wednesday night beared witness to what many fans of music have more than likely fantasized about at least once.

A seemingly younger gentleman, who identified himself as simply "Nick," was pulled up out of the audience and escorted to the stage to sit in with A7X during their set.

Lead singer M. Shadows had mentioned in his banter that this ritual was becoming common at the band's gigs. A number of fans had come to the SunDome holding signs stating which song they wanted to join the band in playing.
Shadow's then polled the audience of over 3,100 multiple times asking them to cheer for the fan whose song selection they most wanted to hear played.

The winner was "Nick" with his pick of "God Hates Us" from the most recent Avenged album "Nighmare."

Nick A7X

It was anything but a nightmare for "Nick" who, after having lead guitarist Synyster Gates slap his six-string over the fan's shoulder and fit him with a headset, proceeded to play the song note for note!  Clearly, the "Man Upstairs," as well as those in attendance, loved him, howling with delight at the stellar performance.
A number of attendees cited this moment as their favorite of the entire show as evidenced by comments taken both on the air with Todd E. Lyons, Esquire and on the KATS Facebook page as well:

LeAnn Deans Tate said, "The Concert ROCKED! A7X, Hollywood Undead & Black Veiled Brides kicked ASS! NICK...Dude...U totally Rocked that Shit!!!! :)"

However, with all of the praise being heaped upon this rising star, nobody seemed to know just exactly who "Nick" was, or where he came from.

Nick!  If that is indeed your real name - inquiring minds want to know more about you!

**UPDATE** KATS Facebook fan Luis Arellanes posted this short piece of video where you get a quick glimpse of "Nick."  Thanks, Luis!

While we wait to find out more info from Yakima's newest urban legend, re-live the show with A7X's opening tune, and enter to win a Syn Gates model Schecter guitar signed by the members of Avenged, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead.

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