I'm so sorry to announce that the most iconic video game magazine of all time, Nintendo Power, is planning on closing its doors on its publication in the near future. I, personally, have been a big fan of Nintendo Power. They always had the best maps, tips and cheat codes and a look ahead on many games to get you anxious for the next games yet to be released. I still have many of my original Nintendo Powers locked in a drawer. Where most guys my age would have Playboys stashed, I had Nintendo Powers.

It started out as every other month back in 1988. Showcasing all of the latest Nintendo games. Of course, highlighting the games made by Nintendo like any Mario game or the Zelda series but it would also spotlight all of the other hit games like Mega Man or, in the later years, Street Fighter II.

Each issue would also feature contests where you could win items like signed copies of the latest WWE game or Nintendo Power shirts and hats.

As with most publications in media, they're focus is on their digital brands like nintendo.com or their facebook page and don't quite need a magazine anymore, from what I've heard. Fortunately, the current editors and staff are transitioning to other magazines like GamesRadar and MacLife.

With almost 300 issues in it's timeline, we're still unsure when they'll stop publication completely, but you can bet that their final issue will be packed with a retrospect on everything they've done.

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