Victory is here for fire crews battling the Norse Peak Fire over the last several weeks.

The Norse Peak fire began by lightning August 11, burned several thousand acres in three distinct sections, burning 52,056 at Norse Peak, 3,853 at the American, and the most recent section, 1,061 at Saw Mill.

While there is a bit of left over smoldering areas as crews mop up, the Incident Command Post at Chinook Work Center shut down on Saturday.

Fire managers announced command of what remains of the southeast side of the fire will transfer to the Naches Ranger District’s Type 4 organization. On the Northwest side of the fire, command will transfer to a Type 3 organization with the Incident Command Post at the Expo Center in Enumclaw.

Fire managers did say that Norse Peak Fire Cleanup continues on State Route 410. Thinning and removing hazardous trees along Forest Road 1900 is almost complete. Both teams are working closely with local agencies on road and area closures. Forest Roads 1800 and 1900 will reopen as soon as it is safe for the firefighters and the public. Forest Road 70 on the north side is closed while cleanup work continues.

State Route 410 is open to through traffic only. Highway 123 remains open. Bumping River Road is open to private landowners only and Crystal Mountain Boulevard remains closed. The Pacific Crest Trail is open from Chinook pass to White Pass but remains closed from White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass. Boulder Cave Recreation Area is closed.

Over the next few weeks, firefighters will continue removing hazard trees along roads, but within the fire interior, there will be trees with root systems that are now compromised, rocks loosened because vegetation surrounding them was burned and hollow spots just beneath the ground’s surface where roots have been burned. These hazards will persist for months after the threat from flames and smoke have passed.

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