If you've been following along with Nothing More's social media as of late, you may have noticed the phrase "F--k the internet" repeated on some of their posts. Now that the band is selling T-shirts with the slogan on them, frontman Jonny Hawkins has explained the meaning behind the campaign.

The rockers first shared a post with the phrase back in mid-March, ahead of the release of the song "Turn It Up Like," which was their first new release since 2018. The artwork for the single actually featured Hawkins wearing a shirt with "F--k the internet" written on it, and then it was used as a hashtag in some of their social posts. On April 19, the band made their own version of the shirt available for purchase through their merchandise store.

"When we say, 'F--k the internet,' we basically mean, 'F--k the noise.' When we say 'the internet,' we're talking about us, we're not really talking about the technology," Hawkins told Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez in a new interview. "Obviously, we love and use the hell out of the internet, as does everyone else in our world."

"But a lot of times when people post something that nowadays really isn't even that controversial, it just seems like, 'Oh here comes the internet.' People with their unsolicited bullsh-t opinions that nobody asked for, just overwhelming virtue-signaling and moral superiority — it's all that that we've observed in the last few years that's just like, driving us mad. I've felt like an animal in a cage just pacing, wanting to get out this frustration from everything I keep observing in our culture," the singer continued.

Hawkins further acknowledged the positive aspects of internet, but added that it's brought out "some of the craziest parts of humanity."

While Nothing More's upcoming album doesn't have a title or a set release date just yet, Hawkins described its sound a bit, calling it their "darkest" album as far as subject matter goes.

"It just has a lot of heavier songs and more aggressive than we've ever done in the past. It's very dense, there's a lot of layers on this album, there's a lot of movements. There are songs that are kind of these epic journeys, so it's a big album to chew on, I think for our fanbase and people who are into Nothing More — it's a lot for them to take in."

The vocalist also added that some songs they had worked on didn't make it onto this album, which gives them a head start on its follow-up as a result.

Nothing More will hit the road with Asking Alexandria later this month for a U.S. tour that will wrap up in the second half of June. See all of the dates here. To hear the full discussion about the new record, tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7PM ET.

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