Dear Trader Joe's,

How're ya feelin'? You got John Riggs here.

First, a quick backstory. I was born and raised in Yakima, Washington, I did move around to a few cities for about 10 yeas but ended up back in Yakima and am happy about being back in my hometown. It has a charm and personality that you won't find anywhere else that outsiders can't understand until they've been here for a few years.

Our town has a very strong 'buy local' mentality. The money spent locally stays locally and ends up cycling back to the good people of our town. They're all hard working, sometimes pulling double-duty or have multiple jobs to support their families.

I shop locally as often as I can, supporting the local businesses first.

...that is, with the exception of Trader Joe's.

You see, we don't have a Trader Joe's in Yakima. I've reached out on a few occasions and my response is same as it ever was every time. "Nothing set in our two-year plan," is usually the response I receive.

I ask as I frequent Seattle quite often due to children's hospital visits, I have friends who live there and so-on. When I'm in the area, if time allows, I'll swing by Trader Joe's as I love the selection of treats, fresh produce and unique cereal only found at Trader Joe's. Now, we live in Yakima and you're not going to find produce more fresh than right here in the Yakima Valley. I do love the selection and variety of unique items I can't find in my humble town so when I do shop at Trader Joe's, I'm often spending $100+ on random items to bring back. That money could have, and should have, been spent in my town but, alas, that's life.

What I'm saying is if there were a Trader Joe's in Yakima then that money would go towards the employees and everything else it takes to keep Trader Joe's in Yakima.

Trader Joe's coming to Yakima is a hot topic to many in our town, a store many request to have the option without having to drive all the way to Issaquah for its nearest location. Please consider it.

Hugs and Kisses*,

John Riggs

*(hugs and kisses only receivable on confirmation of Trader Joe's coming to Yakima)

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