How bad I wish we had cool phones in 1987 so this could have been captured on video. April 28th 1987, Ozzy was aboard a plane in 1987 flying from Miami to Boston  when he found out that there were returning  spring breakers on it. Ozzy jumped up and used the planes PA system to sing a rendition of 'Crazy Train' to the party animals. His own version on 'Crazy Plane.'

How cool would that be to have a hang over flying back from Florida after spring break and have Ozzy sing to you. I am in! God and Eddie Van Halen bless you Ozzy Osbourne and come to Washington to sing to us!

Here is Ozzy with 'Crazy Train' and the great Randy Rhodes way back in the day!

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
Getty Images/Frazer Harrison


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