"Let's get fucking rowdy" is the opening line to the new Kayzo & Sullivan King track "Domination" and with Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix delivering that warning, you know it's going to live up to the promise.

The DJ and dubstep king go hard on their new banger and teaming up with the always energetic Shaddix sends the song over the top as can be heard in the player below. "Festivals are going to be insane," tipped Papa Roach on their Facebook page, hinting that this collaboration may eventually find its way to the live stage.

With the song just hitting streaming services (and available here), King was having fun with some of the early responses. On Twitter, he stated, "I love when I release songs and ppl are like 'Daaaamn bro, you didn’t have to go THAT hard' like ACTUALLY YES MOTHER FUCKER I DID AND I ALWAYS WILL, I HAVE SOME NECKS TO FUCKIN SNAP THANK U AND GNIGHT."

For Papa Roach, it's just the latest example of pushing the boundaries beyond the hard rock world for which they're known. Earlier this year, the band found success with TikTok sensation Jeris Johnson for the updated version of their hit "Last Resort Reloaded."

Recently Jacoby Shaddix spoke with Spotify's Allison Hagendorf about a new generation of bands pushing rock's boundaries into what he views as "the raging, roaring, rocking fucking '20s."

"I think for me it's exciting [to be in a rock band right now]. I think it's in a really exciting place. You know, there's a lot of inspiring music that's coming out. Bring Me the Horizon is one of those artists that's pushing rock into the future. You know, Grandson is pushing rock into the future. Yungblud is pushing rock into the future. Machine Gun Kelly stepping into rock and roll and making waves. It's exciting."

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Kayzo & Sullivan King (Featuring Papa Roach), "Domination"

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