The classic William Shakespeare story of ‘Hamlet’ received a grunge-style update over the weekend. The production crew at New York City’s HERE have added the music of Pearl Jam to their ‘Hamlet’ remake entitled ‘A King Of Infinite Space.’

According to Paste, ‘A King Of Infinite Space’ reimagines the ‘Hamlet’ epic as a tale in the Lower East Side in the ’90s. The 80-minute production utilizes Pearl Jam’s back catalog to flesh out the story.

“Hamlet returns from college to find his uncle Claude married to his mother and plotting to turn the Elsinore, a historic Lower East Side building, into high priced modern condos in what will soon be known as the East Village,” explains the official play synopsis. “During a wild drug trip with his friend Horacio, he sees the ghost of his father, and vows revenge for his murder at the hands of Claude.”

In other Pearl Jam news, frontman Eddie Vedder took time to visit the Ramones Museum in Berlin a couple of weeks ago while the band was in town for a show. Vedder shared stories and his thoughts about the pioneering punk band, and even left a handwritten note addressed to the late Johnny Ramone.