Back in the early 1990s, all it took to qualify a shooter as “great” was that it was better than Duck Hunt. And few were better than Duck Hunt.

But in 1992, the pioneering first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D certainly hit that qualification. We had more fun than we’d care to admit digging up gold bars, plugging Nazis and hoping to survive long enough to shoot Hitler in the face.

Now enough time has passed that the game is finally free to play for anyone with the time or urge. Better yet, it won’t even make you expend memory space for a download. Wolfenstein 3D is running on a browser. To fire up the game, head over to this site. Even better, it’s all perfectly legal, thanks to developer Bethesda’s generosity. Or is it more of a punishment?

A word of warning: Going back to play a 1992 FPS can be a jarring experience. You may remember the game fondly, but prepare to generate a healthy hatred for its outdated mechanics and blocky graphics.

Now, Nintendo, let’s go ahead and get a free, legal version of Duck Hunt up and running.