Even though I love video games, I never got into Pokemon. I get how it's so popular, it's just not for me. Kids today grew up with it like I grew up with Transformers and He-Man. This guy, however, is such a big fan that, not only does he have his own Pokemon YouTube channel, he also is known in his school for his Pokemon obsession. Naturally, if he was going to ask a girl to prom, naturally, he'd ask her like this.

After being announced to the entire cafeteria, he made his way to the girl, recited some Pokemon poetry, she said, "Yes," and he runs a victory lap.

The poem that won this girl's heart?

Charmelion is Red
Squirtle is Blue
Prom is coming soon
so I choose you!

Charmelion and Squirtle being characters in Pokemon and the 'I choose you' is in reference to when Pokemon battle, the Pokemon trainer chooses which character to go to battle.
All pretty nerdy, but she was apparently taken by this and said, "Yes."

Did you ask a girl to prom in any creative fashion like this?