The intergalactic killing machine known as the Predator is silent, stealthy, and completely invisible until the precise moment it wants its presence to be known. Much like the extraterrestrial monster of John McTiernan’s 1987 film, a new poster in promotion of the long-rumored, finally-arriving Predator reboot have now materialized on the Internet, taking fans by absolute surprise in a way that only the Predator can. Hearsay and scuttlebutt has encouraged murmurs of a planned sequel/revitalization of the franchise last seen in 2010 with the Adrien Brody-starring Predators, and now at long last, the faithful can take heart in a bright, bloody future. We don’t know how or when, but the Predator is coming.

Though the design of the new poster is rather basic — there’s not much more to it than the visual of the masked Predator and that tagline, which, more on that in a second — there’s still information to be gleaned. No sign of a release date, or even seasonal ballpark estimate on here, but this does reveal the film’s title to be The Predator, clearly establishing itself as a distinct thing from Predator that everyone in casual conversation will now have to very carefully distinguish with about three additional exchanges. The original post containing this image from the official Predator Facebook page only reads, “Here we go again, bro,” which naturally poses the question as to why the Predator is addressing me like we’re both on a bus to spring break at Panama City Beach, and fails to clarify any further detail surrounding this film. Shane Black and Fred Dekker were said to write the screenplay, with Black considered to direct, but that has yet to take shape.

That tagline, though. Did the copywriters who came up with that tagline realize just how close it is to professional wrestler John Cena’s catchphrase? Did they realize that in coining it, they’ve opened the gates to a Alien Vs. Predator-style crossover between John Cena and the Predator? More importantly, how can we adequately thank them for this beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon us?


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