How much is being good looking worth? It’s a question social scientists have long pondered. But we now know exactly how much being aesthetically pleasing will get you from the Twisted Root Burger Company, and it isn’t a whole lot.

The above bill was given to Redditor caraficionado24 by an attractive female friend who had eaten at one of the chain’s restaurants in Texas. As you can see, her check was reduced by a whooping one cent because her server deemed her “best looking.” But that’s not all! She must have gotten up off her seat during her meal because the waiter also gave her another penny off for having the “best butt.”

Apparently, there are twenty jokey discounts Twisted Root Burger Company employees can give out for fun, and obviously “best looking and “best butt” are among them.

As for the recipient of the unusual compliment, caraficionado24 reports she was flattered and laughed about it. Not a bad return for two measly cents.

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