This award goes to the top city in each state that demonstrates exceptional dedication to advancements in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

As the end of another decade rapidly approaches, we’ve taken some time to reflect on what has changed since the turn of the twenty-first century. Our nation has come a long way in the past twenty years, at least with respect to progress in STEM. Research at private companies, government institutions, and universities has continued to shape and improve our lives, from breakthroughs in medicine to rideshare apps to an ever-growing wealth of accessible information on the internet. Just think: in the year 2000, comparing car insurance online to find the perfect fit would have been unimaginable.

Not only does STEM play an integral role in all aspects of life, but also, it has shifted priorities in education. Scholars and teachers alike emphasize the importance of an education in science, math, and engineering. And in colleges across the country, students tend to gravitate increasingly towards degrees in STEM-related fields.

In order to recognize the communities across our country who demonstrate an exceptional dedication to science, technology, engineering and math, Insurify’s data scientists identified the top city in each state for STEM, based on the criteria outlined below.

Selection Process for Insurify’s 2019 Top STEM Cities Awards

The data science team at Insurify, an insurance quotes comparison site, analyzed both proprietary and publicly-accessible data to determine the top STEM cities by state. Referring to their database of 2 million insurance applications, Insurify’s data scientists identified cities with the highest proportion of residents in STEM-based careers. Then, they compiled data from Niche on the high schools, colleges, and graduate schools with the best programs in STEM, by state, as well as the cities with the highest rate of diversity in STEM according to SmartAsset.

From this data, Insurify’s data scientists calculated a composite score for each city. The city with the highest score in each state was selected.

Winners of Insurify’s 2019 Top STEM Cities Awards

Alaska: Anchorage

Alabama: Birmingham

Arkansas: Little Rock

Arizona: Phoenix

California: Los Angeles

Colorado: Denver

Connecticut: New Haven

Delaware: Newark

Florida: Gainesville

Georgia: Atlanta

Hawaii: Honolulu

Iowa: Iowa City

Idaho: Boise

Illinois: Chicago

Indiana: Indianapolis

Kansas: Wichita

Kentucky: Louisville

Louisiana: New Orleans

Massachusetts: Boston

Maryland: Baltimore

Maine: Portland

Michigan: Ann Arbor

Minnesota: Saint Paul

Missouri: St. Louis

Mississippi: Madison

Montana: Bozeman

North Carolina: Durham

North Dakota: Fargo

Nebraska: Omaha

New Hampshire: Manchester

New Jersey: Hoboken

New Mexico: Albuquerque

Nevada: Reno

New York: New York

Ohio: Cincinnati

Oklahoma: Tulsa

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Rhode Island: Providence

South Carolina: Charleston

South Dakota: Sioux Falls

Tennessee: Nashville

Texas: Houston

Utah: Salt Lake City

Virginia: McLean

Vermont: Burlington

Washington: Seattle

Wisconsin: Milwaukee

West Virginia: Morgantown

Wyoming: Laramie

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