Rob Zombie is currently directing The Munsters and has given us yet another behind the scenes look at one of the characters. The musician/director posted a video that showcases a first look at Uncle Gilbert, the Gill-man.

The video on Zombie's Instagram shows Herman (aka actor Jeff Daniel Philips), Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Uncle Gilbert, who's a Gill-man, all laughing together. All three are in full makeup/prosthetics as they just finished wrapping up a scene featuring Uncle Gilbert.

The caption of Zombie's Instagram post says, "That's a wrap on good old Uncle Gilbert! [fish emoji] Thanks for swimming by and saying hello [blue fish emoji]." He paired the video with an old-timey filter and playful music. According to Munster Fandom, Uncle Gilbert is a gill-man whose origins are tied to the movies Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature and The Creature Walks Among Us. Uncle Gilbert's "wealth is mostly attributed to salvaging lost treasures in the seas."

We got another look at one of the characters set to be in The Munsters just a few days ago when Zombie posted a shot of Zombo on his Instagram. The caption says "After 56 years! The man...the myth...the legend returns! The one and only ZOMBO!". Zombo is a horror movie host and is Eddie Munster's favorite TV personality.

The Munsters is expected to be rated PG when it comes out later this year, reportedly in the fall. Zombie's version of The Munsters has been rumored to be nearly three hours long.

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