Shirts are overrated, right?

As music fans, we know just from jumping around in the crowd how hot it can get, so we can only imagine how overheated the musicians tend to feel onstage while they're up there giving it their all under bright, hot lights.

Well, that's the reason some of them don't wear shirts. Def Leppard's Phil Collen, for example, does get hot while he's performing — but there's another reason he's typically seen shirtless.

"But also, I do look good!" he confidently explained to Inside Hook.

Just as some rockers are known for sporting their own band logo on their T-shirt onstage, others are known for not wearing one at all. Iggy Pop is probably the first one to come to mind, but there are others who usually follow suit.

So, we compiled a photo gallery of said-rockers — some of which start their concerts off fully-clothed with multiple layers on top, and later end up stripping them off. Billy Idol, for example, usually has some form of leather jacket on, but he often ends up bare-chested, even if he still keeps the jacket on.

The rules to be included in the gallery are that it has been a fashion choice they've been making throughout their whole touring career. Therefore, icons such as Axl Rose and Slash didn't make the cut, because although they spent many of their younger years partially-nude, in more recent years they always have shirts on.

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