The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motley Crue are just three of the rock and metal bands among Billboard's year-end ranking of the overall top-grossing tours of 2022.

In the second full year since the COVID-19 pandemic effectively shuttered all touring in 2020, some big-time rock artists returned in an even bigger way.

Guns N' Roses, My Chemical Romance, Iron Maiden and Trans-Siberian Orchestra are just a few of the other rock artists on the list.

Overall, the top 5 highest grossing tours for the year were the Latin rapper Bad Bunny ($373.5 million in gross receipts), the rock king Elton John ($334.5 million), the pop stars Ed Sheeran ($246.3 million) and Harry Styles ($214.4 million), and the band Coldplay ($208 million).

The Rolling Stones land at No. 6 in the list with a total 2022 gross of $179.3 million, followed by Red Hot Chili Peppers at No 7. with $176.9 million. Motley Crue and Def Leppard's 2022 "Stadium Tour" comes in at No. 8 for the year with a take of $173.5 million.

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney (at No. 15) toured to the tune of $105 million in gross receipts in 2022. Guns N' Roses (No. 17) put up $93.4 million for the year. My Chemical Romance hit at No. 20 with $87.9 million, Iron Maiden at No. 26 with $76.1 million, and the perennial Trans-Siberian Orchestra at No. 36 with $54.6 million. Billboard ranked the 40 top tours.

Below, check out the top 10 rock artists on the list and their positions among the highest-grossing 2022 tours. You can see the list in full at this location.

2. Elton John, $334.5 million
5. Coldplay, $208 million
6. The Rolling Stones, $179.3 million
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, $176.9 million
8. Motley Crue and Def Leppard, $173.5 million
15. Paul McCartney, $105 million
17. Guns N' Roses, $93.4 million
20. My Chemical Romance, $87.9 million
26. Iron Maiden, $76.1 million
36. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, $54.6 million

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