Am I an accomplished and widely recognized prognosticator? No, but...

I am on record as having predicted the success and Super Bowl victory of the Seattle Seahawks, one year before their amazing Super Bowl 48 victory.

How Good Are The Seattle Seahawks Expected to be in 2022?

Well, that all depends upon who you choose to listen to as we approach the opening weekend of the NFL season. There was a recent prediction published by a well-known source that has the Seahawks just barely eeking out 31st out of 32 NFL teams, just ahead of the Atlanta Falcons.

I don't know how anyone can assume they know much about how any team will do before any of the regular season games are played, but that doesn't stop the talking heads, both professional and social media blabbermouths alike from confidently issuing their perspectives on the season ahead.

Will the Seattle Seahawks Beat the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson in Week 1?

As of today, the Seahawks are 6.5-point underdogs vs their old QB and his new team. I'm not a gambling fool, just a fool who occasionally gambles. I'm picking the Hawks in week #1 at home against Russ and the Broncos.

Russell has a lot to prove, and he's a goody-two-shoes who takes his vitamins and says his prayers. However, the 12s are going to be rocking Lumen Field on Monday Night Football and I believe they'll lift the Hawks to victory. Seattle's defense is going to be young, fast, and aggressive this season. Meanwhile, the Broncos in my opinion will field a weak defense. Russell Wilson's key to success in his best Seahawk days wasn't his prayers or vitamins but the Legion of Boom.

Seahawks vs Broncos Prediction by Experts

Don't listen to experts as most of them are spindly little fellas who never actually played football themselves. Take it from me, someone who has no credentials but an enthusiastic attitude that is occasionally correct. Seahawks 30 - Broncos 17. Geno Smith will have a solid outing, DJ Dallas will go for 100+ yards, Lockett and Metcalf will both dazzle with TD catches, Meyers will have 3 field goals and the Hawks defense will hold Russell and the Broncos to two TDs and one  FG.

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