Let's do the time warp, again! Yakima has changed so much in the past 14 years as you can see in the photos below.

Google Maps can only go back so far, but we can see for ourselves the changes with all the new businesses going up in old, dilapidated places. Some businesses just changed hands of ownership while others sprang up from seemingly out of nowhere. If you moved away from the city and made the return to live here again, you might not recognize a few of the city streets.

There's a Starbucks where an abandoned and graffiti-covered building used to be on the corner of 1st Street and West Nob Hill Boulevard. The two high schools in Yakima have gone through complete overhauls, much to parent's and students' delight. We can't wait to see what changes the next 14 years shall bring to the city.
See how the changes through the eyes of a Google digital camera. All old photos are from 2007 unless otherwise noted.

See Yakima's Changes in 14 Years with These Before/After Photos

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