Some Kroger stores (which includes Fred Meyer) are adapting a Scan, Bag, Go service. It has you scanning items with your phone, then paying through your phone and walking out the door. I was at a QFC in Seattle which provided this. Should Yakima be next?

Fred Meyer is the only store in the valley I know of that is Kroger so it could if it wished.

To avoid theft, you still have to show your phone to an associate who can verify or vouch you did it right. I remember when self-check was new and thought to myself 'what's stopping people from just accidentally not paying for something they put in their bag but they have attendants right there, too. Keeps you trustworthy, or helps all the same.

Should Yakima see something like this? I'd like to see it just for the option, but I also don't mind the ol' fashioned 'put my stuff on a conveyor belt, "you would you like paper or plastic," way, either.

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