Christmas is supposed to be a beautiful time of year, but come ON. We've seen those hideous sweaters, the mix-and-match lawn decorations (reindeer and snowmen milling around the manger, for crying out loud?), and the mud-caked Rudolf noses and road-worn wreaths wired to the grilles of F-150s and primered-out PT Cruisers.


And then there are the ornaments.

You've got one, we bet -- that one tacky trinket that embarrasses you so much that you tuck it into the back of the tree, hoping no one will notice. You hang it up faithfully every year, though, because your mother-in-law or your brother or your nosy neighbor gave it to you, and heaven forbid you disappoint any of them.

Now it's a family tradition, and you're stuck with it.

OK -- THAT'S the one we want to see.

Yes, this could be the year that awful ornament finally feels like the treasure it's supposed to have been for all those Christmases past. This year, it could win you a pair of tickets to see Foreigner, Whitesnake and Jason Bonham at Auburn's White River Amphitheatre next July 27!

Here's all you do: Take a picture of your special little eyesore and upload it in the form below.

The ugliest one wins!


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