I think we got a great bonus with addition by subtraction this evening.

The folks at Sasquatch announced that Mac Miller & Kaiydo will no longer be able to play Sasquatch tomorrow.

"We're excited to announce Sir Mix-A-Lot & Sam Lachow will be performing on Saturday instead," a press release said Friday evening.

Now on the mainstage before MGMT and following Big Gigantic, Sir Mix-A-Lot will perform at 6:15 pm and Sam Lachow has made it to the Yeti Stage at 7:30 pm.

Considering the only thing I really have heard from Mac Miller were from his incoherent ramblings during an appearance on Ridiculousness, I am stoked I at least know Sir Mix-A-Lot is going to have all the uber-P.C. hipsters dancing to some 90's misogyny.

See the full lineup here and remember passes are still on sale and Twenty One Pilots is headlining Saturday night.

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