There's talk and then there's action. Sixx: A.M.'s Nikki Sixx seems to be willing to do both when it comes to putting a spotlight on the opioid crisis in America, now focusing his music on the subject and releasing a new track to further bring attention to the epidemic.

"#TalktoMe is a movement by the National Opioid Action Coalition to use the power of conversation to overcome the stigma plaguing opioid use disorder. Join us in the conversation at," reads a message accompanying the new song.

Sixx, a board member for the Global Recovery Initiative Foundation, has been vocal about his views on the matter, speaking out earlier this year when Johnson & Johnson was ordered to $572 million to the state of Oklahoma in an opioid-related case.

"This is a fantastic ruling in my opinion, but the question is 'what's going to happen with the money?' Sixx asked MSNBC host Ari Melber during an appearance on The Beat. “I hope that it's used for organizations to help with treatment facilities and to help, also, erase the stigma of addiction."

“A lot of these people backed into [this addiction],” Sixx added. “They were overprescribed by doctors and that was being supported by the pharmaceutical companies. Now what happens once we get them into treatment and then we re-enter them into society? … Addiction is horrible, but suffering in silence is worse.”

The bassist spoke of his own personal connection, stating, “I just had my right shoulder reconstructed from years of performing and for six days, I had to take pain medication to get through that. I was prescribed that, I took it for the right reasons and then I got off of it. There are purposes for it, but if doctors are overprescribing and they just keep giving and giving and the pharmaceutical companies aren’t being honest about how addictive these pills are, this epidemic is just gonna keep getting worse and worse and worse.”

As for Sixx: A.M., they've remained quiet since taking some time off after 2016's releasing of two albums. Earlier this year, Sixx stated that he had done four new songs with the band for a greatest hits set that would tie in with his Heroin Diaries musical. He also added that there might be one more song at the time back in March. It's possible that "Talk to Me" could have been that extra track. Sixx has been spending a good portion of his time of late readying the long-in-the-works stage adaptation of The Heroin Diaries.

Sixx: A.M., "Talk to Me"

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