Skillet's John Cooper isn't afraid to share how he feels about real-world situations, especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine. However, he doesn't understand why bands such as Rage Against the Machine aren't also scrutinized for being vocal, and he called them a "government rock" band to support his point.

"It's a crazy time because there's, like, a collective mind losing. It's true — the whole country, we've lost our minds," Cooper told Apologia Studios pastor Luke Pierson. The singer added that he doesn't care if another individual has received a COVID vaccination or not.

Cooper has previously expressed that he doesn't believe in wearing masks because he doubts their effectiveness, and later asserted that vaccine mandates are "more about tyranny" than keeping people safe.

While Skillet have always openly been a Christian rock band, Cooper said that he's received more backlash and anger from people over his beliefs about wearing masks and the vaccine than when he's spoken out about his faith.

"A lot of people didn't love that message, but they can deal with it," he clarified. "But they will not deal with you speaking out against the state. They will not deal with it. And what you're really witnessing is an actual you've spoken against their God."

He noted that many bands, including Skillet, don't always know how to handle certain situations because the entertainment industry is so driven by the media.

"And you're not allowed to speak anything against… I mean, you've got Rage Against the Machine telling people that if they don't get a vaccine… Rage Against the Machine has become the machine," the vocalist remarked. "It's crazy. I'm, like, wait a minute — I'm the revolutionary here? I'm the revolutionary and Rage Against the Machine is just 'government rock' now."

Cooper's brother apparently coined the phrase "government rock," and the singer is a big fan of it. "It's a great way to scoff at someone."

Watch the full discussion below.

In August, Queensryche frontman Todd La Torre caught wind of Cooper's statement that masks are "nothing more than theater," and he challenged the Skillet singer to volunteer on the COVID floor of a hospital without wearing a mask to test his theory.

"He believes in a mythical celestial dictator but doesn't believe in science. Got it," La Torre stated.

Skillet's John Cooper Calls Rage Against the Machine 'Government Rock'

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