Watch the team at Rebellion give you the rundown on Sniper Elite 3's multiplayer and co-op modes.

Both the multiplayer and co-op modes will be available at launch at no extra cost to you. The video above features members of the Rebellion team and their brief descriptions of both modes and what makes them special. The multiplayer mode is different from other games in that it actually discourages camping, which might sound strange for a sniper game, by littering the field with ammo caches. As you run low on ammo, you'll have to move around the map to find more. Relocating also gives you a bonus to the kills you make, so being on the move is the name of the game in Sniper Elite 3's multiplayer.

In the co-op mode, you can take on all of the game's missions with a friend. According to the team, some units are actually easier to take out when you have a buddy with you, such as the tanks. You can have your friend act as bait and distract the tank while you flank it and take out its weak spots. The added bonus of having a friend with you is that you have two eyes to survey the land before heading up to a crow's nest. It also means you'll have a handy spotter who can give you the locations of enemies that need to be neutralized.

Watch the video above to get more on multiplayer, co-op and a little bit of the customization to be found in Sniper Elite 3 when its hits the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on July 1.