Being called a snob can be fun, depending on the circumstances. I like to be considered a wine snob, and I even dated a guy once because he put “I’m a whiskey snob” in his dating profile bio. (Looking disdainfully at you now, though, Tinder.) There are various types of snobs to embrace and ones to avoid, especially if you live anywhere near the snobbiest city in Washington State.


I’m old enough to know about the “Seattle Freeze”, even though I have never experienced snobby people there before. I guess I should count my blessings on that. People have always been friendly to me in Seattle. The Emerald City, however, did not win the title of snobbiest city in WA. Unfortunately, that title goes to Mercer Island.

The Snobbiest City in Washington State

According to, Mercer Island is the snobbiest city in Washington. It has some tough competition, however. Sammamish came in a close second. Sammamish also has one of the most expensive zip codes to live in Washington, so perhaps all those wealthy types are snobby to outsiders.

Bellevue and Redmond are not far behind on the snobbiest cities list. Again, I haven’t experienced any snobbery there either.

Some people say what makes Mercer Island so snobby is its proximity to wealth, higher education, and exorbitant housing prices.

For instance, this house for sale on Mercer Island is going for over $33 million!

Would You Agree This Is the Snobbiest City in Washington?
Joan Bayley with Windermere Real Estate/East via
Joan Bayley with Windermere Real Estate/East


Do you think the people who end up buying this house will be snobby? I don’t, especially since I want to get an invite to one of their house parties!

Would you agree that Mercer Island is the snobbiest city in Washington? The next time you’re on Mercer Island, be sure to give those folks a wave. They're probably just afraid you’ll think they're snobby, too!

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