Some are calling it animal cruelty, others are calling these guys stupid, and some think it was a harmless video. A couple of friends were snowboarding in White Fish, MT when they stumbled across one of the biggest beasts in the forest.

Not having seen a moose on the slopes, the two began to ride down the trail hoping to make there way past the animal. Before they are able to get around their new pal, it takes off. As the moose goes sprinting down the carved out run, the two riders follow. One of them, Hunter Lamoureux, who had already pulled out his camera to document seeing the animal, is now filming 'the chase' between his buddy and Bullwinkle.

After uploading the video to his Facebook page Hunter and Charlie Rush (the other rider in the video) received dozens of hateful messages. Rush was even issued a $225 fine from Flathead National Forest Services for "harassing wildlife." Both the riders disagree with that assessment and claim that they were simply trying to get past the animal without causing any harm.

The two are lucky that the moose didn't turn and charge them, but I do believe they weren't causing any intentional harm to the moose. What else were they supposed to do? It isn't like they started throwing snowballs or actually tried to hurt the animal.

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think about the situation in the comment section. Were these riders in the wrong and deserve to have their passes clipped and receive a fine? What would you have done in the situation?

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