Hey, look: More snow.

Joy of joys.

Sunday marks the final day of the activities at the Yakima Valley SunDome, which is also KIDS DAY!

Don't worry, if you've already paid to go once, you can still go back.

If not, grab the kids because they are a buck off the admission price!

Just make sure you take your time and drive with care as the roads are likely to be a bit slick yet again in the morning now due to the threat of snow.

Surely by now though you should know how to drive like an old seasoned Ice Road Trucker on the Discovery Channel, right? With highs back in the 40's the afternoon should melt away anything we get in the wee hours.

I don't know about you though, but I have enjoyed driving around with a snow-capped view.

Prosser on Saturday, 2/18/17.
Prosser on Saturday, 2/18/17.

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