Star Trek: Picard's third and final season featured an extremely surprising twist, and showrunner Terry Matalas had a few things to say about it.

It just so happens to turn out that... wait for it... Picard has a son. Jack Crusher, the son of Dr. Beverly Crusher, the doctor on the good old Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is also Picard’s son as well. Matalas points to the fact that Beverly Crusher and Picard always seemed very much like their relationship should have been explored further in earlier iterations of the show.

Matalas sat down with Entertainment Weekly to really dive into why the twist just makes sense. As he put it:

I felt like this had to be not only a passing the torch to the next generation, but a look-back at the last generation and an introspective look at what they viewed as the sins of their pasts. As the season goes on and you see what it's all about, there are great regrets for all of them, but also a celebration of their triumphs that these are things that they could only overcome by coming together as this family. Showing that to a new generation, that just seems obvious. That should be the story.

He also went on to explain how nice it was to finally see this plot point play out.

It always felt like ‘will they, won't they?'’It feels like, ‘Why didn’t they for decades?’ he said. ‘It felt like it should have gone there in a feature film. Now that you’re here at the end, wouldn’t it be great to see, ‘Oh, they went there alright.’ And now we get to see the fallout of that and a kind of coming together.

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