Welcome to the Stone Sour edition of our signature game, ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' In this episode, guitarist Josh Rand and drummer Roy Mayorga prove and disprove what’s written about them and their band on Wikipedia.

Before Mayorga found success with Stone Sour, the drummer performed with a New York City act called Nausea. During that time he was involved in the Lower East Side’s squatting community, living on the streets with fellow musicians and crust punks. Roy was there on-and-off for a couple of years, but eventually got tired of his possessions being stolen at any given moment.

Strangely enough, Wikipedia features a contradiction on when Rand joined the band. On one page, Wikipedia lists him as a founding member of the ‘90s-era Stone Sour, while other pages claim he became a member in 2001. Both actually ended up being incorrect, with Rand putting a stamp on the official date in this segment, while describing why he wasn’t able to join the old school Stone Sour.

In 2011, Mayorga had a serious scare, suffering a stroke and causing the drummer to lose feeling on his left side. In this interview, Mayorga describes how it took him “a few years” to get all that feeling back and how he had really bad mobility for a few months, including a major case of vertigo. Luckily, Roy is 100-percent better and is currently experiencing the biggest success of Stone Sour’s career with Hydrograd.

Watch Stone Sour play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ in the video above!

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