UPDATE: A new Imgur link has appeared with 37 more screenshots, including trophies and Smash run screens. Check it out here.

Late last week, rumors of the purported full Super Smash Bros. roster leaked online. Today, videos have surfaced on NeoGAF showing some of the things from the supposed leak, lending a lot more credence to the rumors.

If the leak is to be believed, the final roster stands at 48 (49 with the Mii Fighters, which are notably missing from the roster due to customization being turned off). Among the 11 unconfirmed fighters on the roster are veterans Ness, Wario, Ganondorf, Falco, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game and Watch, and Dr. Mario, while newcomers Bowser Jr, Shulk from Xenoblade, Dark Pit, and the Duck Hunt Dog all make their debut. There's also a supposed DLC list of characters including Ice Climbers, Lucas, Wolf, Snake, and the Chorus Men from Rhythm Heaven, but that is not found anywhere else in the info drop.

Here's a picture of the entire original "leak":


Today, a slew of videos popped up on YouTube showing off some of the things from these screens, including Bowser Jr riding around in the Koopa Clown Car and Shulk wielding Monado, the mythical sword of Xenoblade Chronicles. Here are the videos:

So what do we make of this? One, Nintendo has a bit of a plumbing problem that they might want to fix. Two, Ice Climbers being DLC would make sense, as Sakurai stated he had a lot of trouble with the two characters in one format and DLC might be able to counter it. Third, Duck Hunt Dog. Are you kidding us?! That's the best thing we've ever heard.

We'll know for sure when Super Smash Bros. launches for 3DS on Oct. 3 and for Wii U this holiday season.