It's here, pals. It's finally here.

There were a couple of dark years where short shorts -- our favorite part of summer -- took a backseat to something terrible called "Capri Pants." Those days are behind us, friends. As summer 2013 approaches, we're seeing a whole lot of leg, and we're stoked about it; as is Aussie fashion chain, Superette.

A while back, the benches of city bus stops, parks and malls in downtown Auckland, AU have been recently adorned with engraved metal plates, advertising a shorts sale at the clothing store. When babes sit down for a quick rest, they leave with very strategically placed ads, like the ones you see above. Suprette, you geniuses; you have created an army of beautiful spokeswomen.

This year, we'd like to suggest that Suprette take this project stateside, so when we get yelled at by our girlfriends for looking at another babe's butt, we can say we were "just reading," and look smart. That's how you look smart, right? Reading?