Of all the things someone might leave at a library, who would expect a box of books? Can't be that simple, right?  Ha! That's just what happened when a "suspicious-looking" styrofoam box was left at a library in the little town of Sisters, OR.  The cops were called, then the bomb squad arrived...once they got the box x-rayed, they could see it was just a box of books...you know...for the library. Better safe than sorry, I reckon. Full story from KTVZ News Channel 21 HERE.

Here are some other places you might find a suspicious-looking box:

In front of McDonald's (box of Out of Order signs for ice cream machine).

In front of your own house (Amazon box of dog poo for porch pirates).

In front of a church (box of bibles).

In front of local landfill (box of fly swatters).

In front of Dr. Fauchi's house (box of double talk).


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